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Free Kangoo Jumps classes are launched online. This is how you can train from home!

Kinga Sebestyen prepares a useful and free way for anyone, from anywhere, to follow Kangoo Jumps classes even if she can’t go to the gym or is enrolled in such classes.



Free Kangoo Jumps classes are launched online. This is how you can train from home!

Kinga SebestyenQueen Kangoo Jumps has created an extensive team of instructors and presenters from several countries and will hold free online workouts for a month. Everything will take place in a Facebook group that can be joined by all those who have Kangoo Jumps boots and are interested in doing this type of sport to lose weight, tone their figure and maintain excellent health.

„During the pandemic restrictions, I understood how important it is to communicate online. We had thousands of people write to us asking how they could continue their training in the conditions when the halls were closed.

Then I offered them some online video tutorials, and now, even though the pandemic restrictions have been lifted, there are still a lot of people who want to do Kangoo Jumps, but they don’t have rooms and classes like this in their localities. We have thus created a Facebook group that can be joined by anyone who is interested and where instructors and presenters from all over the world will hold the free hour for a month. In this way, those at home will be able to do Kangoo Jumps correctly, guided by specialized instructors. I thought of this way of communication even now when many of the rooms are open.

You have the option to go to offline classes, where there is, or, if you can’t or don’t have time, you can do it from home, online, in the long run. You just have to have original Kangoo Jumps boots, and here I insist because there are a lot of counterfeit products on the market that are not compliant and can affect the joints and spine. Anyone who has more questions about boots and Kangoo Jumps online classes can write to me on my social media pages, ”says Kinga Sebestyen.

The classes will be held by instructors from several countries
Anfimov Rita
Bratu Cristiana
Bujor Elena
Bumbeneci Dana
Chis Carla
Czombos Adelina
David Monica
Dragoiu Cristina
Grunesz Ramona
Marica Ildiko
Nica Maria
Nicolescu Ilona
Pascau Maria

Bulgaria: Vanya Ilieva
Mario Postalov

Croatia: Albena Peteva Bakic
Serbia: Dusica Kovjanic



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